What I Would Do If Time Stopped…

The Impossible Dream



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I always wanted to grow up… I have always been in a rush… I have never been satisfied with just “where I am” … until now.

All of the parts in my life that I have wanted to just “get through”, whether it was a meeting, a teenage year, or a class in school, never seemed to move all that quick. The clock would strike each minute in slow motion; my legs would squirm, my brain would wander — I was stuck.

I thought that if time moved faster, I could get onto my next “task” quicker. I would be able to get through this “not so great” part of life and move on to the part that I was excited for… the part that I thought better.

Now, as I am a month into my twenty first year alive, I am not nearly as interested in time moving fast. If anything, I beg for the clock to slow down… I wish more than anything to savor every minute, every second, that I can.

I could attribute this shift to a couple of things: I finally feel alive, I finally see parts of life as more than just a series of “tasks”, I finally accept love and relationships as something that is important and valuable and wonderful. I finally see that there is so much more to life…

Yet such little time.

I wonder sometimes, in my free time (… haha) what I would do if time just stopped, just for a little while. What would I do? Would I fill my time with something worthwhile? Would I do something fun or exciting or new? Would I do something differently?

If time was not an object — something that I had more than enough of — would I be satisfied with what I did with all of my time?

For me at least, this is challengeing to think about. I know that if I did not have a clock to guide me through my day, I may be overly or under productive. I also am aware of my time, and what I do when I am spending it.

This all said, I think that there are definitly moments that I wish I could just freeze. Not for me to do or add anything into my life, but to instead just savor some of those “perfect” moments. Those times when everything just feels too good to move and you just want to soak it all in.

Those experiences are when I wish time would just stop… because in every other aspect, it feels like it does.




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